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Our Cat Food

Free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours.
Good for your pet

Formulated to support all body systems

Free from artificial preservatives, flavours and colours, we ensure our cat food formulas include a multitude of botanical ingredients that offer a range of health benefits that contribute to Whole Body Health.

Formulated to support all body systems, we place particular emphasis on oral, skin and coat care, as well as gastrointestinal and metabolic systems, which helps with hairball control and digestion, and help control their weight and increase their energy, respectively.

better for them

Why we say no to wheat, corn, soy and by-products

  • They are more common allergens for pets, and we want our food to be available for all pets
  • There are many higher quality carbohydrate sources available that offer multiple benefits
  • They tend to be inconsistent and each load can vary greatly in nutrient content
  • They can be lower in nutrients as processing can strip some essential vitamins and minerals
  • Meat by-products are lower in protein and do not contain as much essential amino acids

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