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Nature’s Harvest dry and canned foods are manufactured in Quebec, CA.

Nature’s Harvest treats are manufactured in Ontario, CA.

Treats: CFIA/USDA inspected; GFSI, BRC, EU, Asia, MSC certified.

Kibble: CFIA inspected; EU, Asia certified.

Cans: CFIA inspected; EU certified; GMP audited.

Ingredients are sourced as local as possible from North America, with some exceptions such as Lamb, which comes from New Zealand.

Ingredients are tested for contamination and nutrient content before being unloaded at the manufacturing facilities. Batches are tested during production and final products are also analyzed.

Nature’s Harvest kibble is packaged in the highest quality bags available for pet food. They are UV protective, tear resistant and include a one-way oxygen filter (the white strip) that filters oxygen out of the bag and does not allow it to flow back in. This prevents oxidation (spoiling) and ensures the freshest product for your pet.

Nature’s Harvest bags are currently not recyclable, although this is a green initiative we are working towards.

Yes. Nature’s Harvest cans are BPA free.

Nature’s Harvest products are formulated by experienced pet food scientists.

Most pets should be able to switch between Nature’s Harvest formulas with ease, without a transitionary period. For more sensitive pets, use our transitioning guidelines.

Nature’s Harvest single ingredient treats can be used as wholesome food toppers to enhance nutrition of the diet.

Both grain free and grain inclusive formulas are high quality diets and neither one is better than the other.

Nature’s Harvest formulas contain a number of functional, added value ingredients like probiotics and botanicals that contribute to optimal health and well-being.

Yeast is a high-quality source of amino acids and vitamins. Yeast in the food is inactive and cannot travel from the digestive system onto the surface of the animal and cause yeast infections.

Garlic is safe and beneficial for pets to eat in small amounts and is a great functional ingredient that promotes health.

Nature’s Harvest cat food is formulated to support all aspects of feline health including urinary, skin & coat, joint, immunity, etc. If your cat has urinary issues and you need more information, please contact our expert.

Yes. High quality soluble fibre in Nature’s Harvest cat food helps to prevent hairball issues.

Probiotics in Nature’s Harvest formulas enhance digestive and oral health and the dry kibbles increase production of antibacterial salivary proteins. Chewing the kibble stimulates gingivae increasing cell proliferation, improving oral structures.

Yes, Nature’s Harvest contains prebiotics and probiotics that support digestive health, intestinal immunity and stool regularity.

Absolutely! Nature’s Harvest Adult and Senior formulas are all suitable for mature pets. The right choice depends on each individual animal and what they require to be healthy.

Nature’s Harvest is available at Global Pet Foods.

Visit Transitioning Your Pet’s Diet for a full explanation on how to transition onto a Nature’s Harvest formula.

Nature’s Harvest is 100% guaranteed. If you try it and are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return the food with proof of purchase for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

Nature’s Harvest kibble (like all kibble) should be stored in its original packaging, inside a sealed container, away from heat, light and moisture.

Canned food should be stored covered in the fridge.

Yes. Nature’s Harvest frequent buyer program offers a free bag of food after the purchase of 12 bags.

Yes. Nature’s Harvest puppy food is formulated for all breeds of puppies. Glucosamine is added for joint support and the calcium level is 1.15% (for large breed puppies it is recommended that calcium content be no more than 1.2%).

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